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Our Facilities are Second to None

If you breed horses, as a hobby or as your profession: we can help you!

We realise that your horse, its breeding and its offspring are very important to you. Our standards of care and attention to detail reflect the way you feel about your horse, be it mare, foal, stallion or youngster.

As part of my team I have a qualified Equine Artificial Insemination Technician approved by DEFRA and RCVS. We can also offer semen extraction and evaluation.

Graeme has been working with horses for the last 42 years. Graeme has been involved in the breeding process for 20 years. We have many happy customers that we welcome you talk to about our services.

Stallions and Mares

We offer the service for guest stallions to visit along with the mare to be covered naturally.

We will tease the mare to bring her into season to cover at the point of ovulation. Protective boots will be used in all natural coverings to protect the mare and stallion and will we done in a safe environment for mare, stallion and handler.

We also provide a service to bring mares into Estrus.

Learn about Bellgrove's Mares Birthing Process