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Our Farm

Bellgrove Stud Farm

Welcome to Bellgrove Stud Farm Livery Stables situated in the beautiful village of Upchurch Rainham in Kent, 4 miles from the M2 Motorway, we are within easy access of Historic Rochester, Faversham, Maidstone, Bluewater, Whitstable and Canterbury.

Bellgrove Stud Farm can help you find the right stables and livery yards to suit your needs. Whether you are just looking for good stabling, or you wish to find an establishment offering the full range of livery services including indoor or outdoor schools, good turnout areas, horse-walking, or secure tack room.

Learn how to ride at Bellgrove Stud Farm, please contact us for details of our services. ..vacancy for Freelance Riding Instructor.

Riding horses is suitable for all ages and abilities

You may wish to learn to ride for pleasure so that you could enjoy a gentle across some of the bridle paths.

The stables offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the surrounding area of the lovely tranquil village of Upchurch. The stables have been developed specifically as Part & Full Livery Stables for those horse owners who wish to retain some responsibility for the feeding, grooming and well-being of their own livestock. Full livery facilities may be available from time to time to cover the temporary absence of the owners but always on a pre-arranged basis on individual terms and conditions to be agreed. 

At Bellgrove Stud Farm we are able to offer the following services:

  • We collect, evaluate and distribute stallion semen (for UK and International use)
  • We offer mare management for artificial insemination
  • Routine Gynaecological Monitoring of Mares
  • Monitor Problem Breeding Mares
  • Extraction and Evaluation of Stallion Semen
  • Artificial Insemination (Chilled or Fresh Semen)
  • Management of Older Breeding Mares
  • Behavioural Problems in Mares

Semen Chilled or Fresh Services

Chilled semen is best inseminated within 24 hours of collection.

It is important to inseminate as near to ovulation as possible. Ultrasound examination is therefore required daily once the mare is ready to ovulate. Scanning provides a forecast of when the mare is likely to ovulate so that we can ensure she is inseminated at optimum time.

Mare Management

Our mare reproductive management is offered as a package that includes daily teasing and management of your mare to identify correct timing of insemination. We contact the stallion owner for you if ordering chilled semen, and keep them appraised of your mare's status. We evaluate all shipments of semen that we receive for your mare and provide you with timely information on your mare's breeding status.

We offer services from selecting the right stallion or mare, through to artificial insemination . We also offer a foaling service to help deliver your foal.

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